A: We offer loan amounts from $5,000 and up to $75,000 for vehicles. Your actual loan amount will be determined based on the value of the specific vehicle that you are purchasing or refinancing.

  • Invoice price for new vehicles.
  • Kelley Blue Book, NADA or Black Book clean trade-in value for used vehicles (depends on your state).

If your vehicle qualifies for a manufacturer rebate, we will reduce the invoice price by the rebate amount. If you are refinancing an existing auto loan, you should refinance the full payoff amount of your existing auto loan.

A: There are several factors affecting the rate you receive including your financial situation, credit history, amount you are borrowing, term and vehicle age. However, keep in mind that as a private lender, Granite Bay Acceptance does not follow the financial formulas imposed by traditional lending channels and therefore offers some of the most competitive rates.

A: You will hear from a Granite Bay Acceptance team member shortly after submitting your application. However, should you have concerns, a live representative is available to speak to you during normal business hours.

A: Yes, Granite Bay Acceptance is happy to accept credit or debit card payments. In fact, we can also set up automatic monthly charges to your card, monthly withdrawals from your checking account or bi-monthly ACH payments.

A: If you paid your balance with guaranteed funds, it could be released in as little as seven business days. Otherwise it could take up to 30 days to release your title. Your state’s processing requirements also affect the outcome, as some states process titles electronically, while others do not. Your Granite Bay Acceptance representative can explain your state’s processing requirements to you to make sure you’re comfortable.

A: No we will not. Any details you share with Granite Bay Acceptance will be kept safe, secure and 100% confidential. Our approach to protecting your personal information is outlined in our Privacy Policy.

A: We understand you may be shopping for the best rate or may change your mind to not borrow during the course of your search for a car. You are under no obligation whatsoever to accept a loan from us.

A: You may work with your dealer on the best financing option for your personal situation. You are under no obligation whatsoever to apply for a loan from us. But if you continue to meet the terms and conditions of the offer, we will provide financing for your purchase.